Different Decorative Concrete Colors

  If you have decided to install decorative concrete at your home or premises, choosing the right color can sometimes be overwhelming as there are varieties of colors available in the market. You have to finalize the color before you finish your concrete project. There are different varieties of decorative colors for concrete accessible in the market.

           Naturally, concrete has a light grey color. Nowadays, you can easily change the color of your concrete into different shades. You can match the color of concrete according to your surroundings. 

           Here, we are going to discuss the most common concrete colors:

  1. Tan:

Concrete coloring provides an attractive look to your concrete. If you don’t like grey, Tan is going to be a decent color for you. With the light brown shade mixed with a white or yellow hue, this color is going to suit your outdoors. Tan suits the ground. It has a variety of names in the manufacturing industry; golden wheat, beige, adobe, sand, and buff. You can further beautify it by stains, internal pigments, and color hardeners.

  1. Brown:

Brown colored concrete would be the best for chocolate and leather lovers. Brown decorative concrete is a bit intense than the Tan concrete. It will provide a luxurious look to your outer space. Most homeowners prefer this color as it hides dirt, soiled, or muddy surface. The common names of this color in manufacturing industries are cola, amber, walnut, cocoa, and mocha. You can best achieve its results with stains and color hardeners. 

  1. Grey: 

If you like living a traditional lifestyle of 50s and 60s, the grey concrete would be the perfect choice for your outer space. It gives you a fresh and plain feel. As the concrete already comes in the grey color, therefore you don’t need any extra shading. You can enhance the look of your grey concrete by adding other colors. You can add a white color to get a brighter and crispy look.

  1. Amber:

Amber-colored concrete is a mixture of pale-ale and orange color. It gives a warm and welcoming look to your home. If you are having Spanish-styled exterior or clay roofed tiles, Amber-shaded concrete would be the perfect match. The manufacturers of Amber colors call it terra cotta, burnt orange, bronze, and gold. You can apply it with stains, color hardeners, and integral pigments.

  1. Red:

The last color in our list is the love color Red, but it is not as intense as rose or heart. Red decorative concrete would be an attractive choice for your home decor. Red concrete is widely popular in the Southwest. Those who want to imitate brick paving; it is going to be the perfect choice for them. Its manufacturers also name it brick, rose, and chestnuts. It looks great when applied with stains and color hardeners. To get a deeper color, we suggest you for tropical coloring. However, internal pigments are also enough.

The list we have provided does not cover all the decorative concrete colors, yet you can make new colors by mixing them with different shades. There are a lot of other options available for you.